What do we need to keep in mind when evaluating research and scientific data?

Keeping your gut healthy is a fantastic idea. Intuitively it makes sense to “cleanse it” from time to time. In the younger population this can be done with certain laxatives (like the ones prescribed before colonoscopy). I would recommend to discuss this with your doct...

When people hear that it would be best to cut out ALL ANIMAL PRODUCTS from their diets they sometimes freak out! They get worried and (sometimes for the first time) start asking questions about their nutrient intake and potential nutritional deficiencies.

First of all:...

A lot of people worry about their protein intake on a plant based diet. First off, I want to reassure you: there is plenty of protein in plants. Think about it for a moment: the huge cow you eat for your protein never had meat in her life. She ate grains or grass and y...

We know that Alcohol causes cancer, mostly breast cancer and gastro-esophageal cancers. Alcohol is also a toxin that the liver has to metabolize and which leads to destruction of the liver if consumed in large and regular amounts. There is no amount of alcohol that can...

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